The Aruacaria is the national tree of Chile. They grow very slowly: the one in front of this house is about 15 ft and around 30 years old; but they can grow to be 100-130 ft and live to be 1,000 years old. These trees also line the hillside behind the house.

So many great conversations today. One with Doug Kallestad, the missionary I’ve been supporting all these years: learning more about the Mapuche and also how they train pastors here. Also great getting to know his sons Kyle and Gus (pronounced Goose). Fun interaction with our hosts tonight when we returned for the night.

Hard rain and then sun for multiple cycles yesterday, but today just cloudy all day. We finished most of the siding on the church today, and will make some last touches tomorrow morning. Now we will have time to work on some other projects.

Guys greet each other with a handshake, a hug, and then a handshake. Men and women grab hands like a handshake, place cheeks together, and then make a kissing without kissing the cheek. I appreciate how they always greet everyone who arrives in a room, and also say goodbye when they leave.

2 thoughts on “Araucaria

  1. I love the greeting and goodbye interaction! I can’t wait to experience that greeting when I see you the next time!

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  2. I was thinking I should have warned you about all the rain. I remember being told, “Here the spring rains are just warmer than the winter rains!” At first I was surprised by now the people greeted each other and us but came to love it and when returned to the States all the greetings felt so cold.

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