Construction Time

Yesterday afternoon we started putting up sliding on the frame of the church. Another church in the area donated the nice siding we put on one side, and some of the funds we raised for the trip paid for the other siding.

I’m having great conversations with the Chileanos. Juan Carlos told me all about the beautiful area around Melipeuco: Mt. Llaima (a cone-shaped mountain visible from our worksite, but covered in clouds so far), Conguillo National Park (see previous post), Lake Quililo (internationals come to see it), and Trufal Trufal Falls. We might see something on Wednesday. I love being near the mountains. His wife is Mapuche and he told me all about the struggles of the Mapuche.

Breakfast and dinner are lighter: we have bread with cheese and avocado, cabbage salad, and fresh fruit. Sometimes we have a favorite: sopaipilla (not sopapilla, but similar to what we have in New Mexico). Lunch is the big meal with chicken and rice, or beef and potatoe soup. We eat all meals at the church building they are renting until we finish the new one.

2 thoughts on “Construction Time

  1. Excellent to hear brother!! We’re praying your ministry there is fruitful and that you’ll have clarity of ministry when you return.

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  2. Enrique – gracias para la foto! Se que es divertido para ti a trabajar cerca de las montañas! Es un viaje de sus aspiraciones hasta muchos anos! Rogando para todos – amor de tu madre!

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