Scatter: Missions Fest Seattle

The theme of Missions Fest Seattle this year was Scatter, based on the book by Andrew Scott from Northern Ireland who was one of the keynote speakers. This weekend I was further challenged how we can more effectively reach people who have never even met a Christian. I learned more about the power of storytelling to communicate about our redemption in Christ, and I am glad our training included memorizing our Jesus story and a parable; I took the extra step of working on it in Spanish so pray I communicate it clearly. I was challenged by Erin Jones that we cross oceans to experience and serve other cultures, but there other communities down the street from us that also need us. I am curious if the Mapuche have a similar experience to blacks in our culture: profiled in department stores, called names on the playground, not given a job when seen in person. It was inspiring how God reminded Kenneth Bae that he was not forgotten during the two years he was imprisoned in North Korea where there are 25 million people who have never heard the name Jesus. God turned his pleadings for release into the heart of a pastor caring for the 30 guards around him. His story reminds me that God is very much aware of my longings to serve more, and I will look in wonder at what He will do on this trip to Chile.Scatter Missions Fest

1 thought on “Scatter: Missions Fest Seattle

  1. Praying for you and the trip! Can’t wait to hear your stories.


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