I have been anticipating a trip to Chile for 26 years

I have been anticipating a mission trip to Chile for 26 years. It was the summer before my Sophomore year of college, and I prayed that if God wanted me to be a missionary some day, that he would have me meet a missionary from that country before I started classes again. Tony Campolo was coming to speak at my parent’s church, so I decided to go. When I got there, I found that he was there for missions week, and I realized: I can’t help but meet a missionary before I leave today. The first missionaries that I met were from Chile, and we have been supporting Doug and Shelly Kallestad ever since.

I was committed to serve at least 4 years after Air Force ROTC, perhaps longer if I served a full 20 years. I have always felt like God was calling me to a life like Moses (Moises in Spanish) where he spent a lot of years growing and waiting before leading the people of Israel out of Egypt. I have always been a person to make goals (just ask Anita about our dates early in marriage), and somehow I landed on the year 2020 as the transition. So now you know the origins to my email address, moises2020@gmail.com.

I heard about students from Analia and Karissa’s school going on mission trips to Chile, through Canyon Hills Church, and I learned that they were serving with the Kallestad’s! The timing looked possible this year—even though it is not 2020 😉 — so I applied and was accepted to go! Our team will be there 10 days, from October 26th through November 4th, 2018. We will help with construction on a church/school for the Mapuche in Lautaro, a 7-hour drive south of Santiago. I know enough Spanish to get by, but I won 4 one-hour Spanish lessons through our school auction, so God is already providing.


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